The Best Little Preschool Project, EVER!

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Like all moms, my kid's preschool projects are so important to me!

I have all my kids' preschool projects in special boxes. Those boxes would be the first thing I would grab if my house were on fire. Well, as long as my kids were out, then I would make them help me grab the preschool boxes! :P

What is it about preschool projects that makes it impossible to throw them away? I mean, you don't see me clinging to my son's weekly spelling test or my teenage daughter's science notes? Those are so boring and un-colorful! Sorry kids, but framing you spelling tests and science notes is weird.

I have boxes of all three of my kid's preschool projects and I cherish each noodle necklace, hand print flowers and self portraits made out of lima beans!

During Christmas, my two older kid's Christmas Preschool Projects are some of my favorite decorations to display.

Someday, I have grand plans to display all of them in some amazing fashion when I have more time, more money and well, become artsy......

But, of all my kid's art projects in preschool, there are three that never made it in the box! 

They were displayed IMMEDIATELY and will always be in our home.

Myna had this amazing preschool teacher named Miss Jen. I think that Miss Jen would stay up late all by herself playing with glitter and glue sticks. She was really artistic and between the nose picking and the hair pulling, she encouraged the kids to be creative and artistic in the classroom. Just to clarify, MOST the time it was the kid's picking their noses and pulling hair, not Miss Jen. 

At Christmas time, Myna gave us this family portrait that melted my heart and made me ugly cry. Poor Myna, daddy had to explain to her that my weeping over her gift was because I loved it so much, not because I was sad. 

Miss Jen painted the the circles the night before on small art canvases and then asked the preschoolers to make each family member's hair, eyes, nose and mouths. 

If you look at our Christmas picture that year, you can see she did a pretty great job! I love Myna's hair puffs (this white mom's specialty). I mean seriously, could her family portrait be cuter????

Then, for Mother's Day, the mommas received portraits of themselves that our kiddos had painted. Again, Miss Jen painted the circle for the head and let the kids do the rest.

I love that she remembered that I wear a necklace everyday and I appreciate that she omitted the crow's feet and smile lines!

Then, the icing on the cake! 

For graduation, Miss Jen had the children paint self portraits to give their parents. I love this one SO much. 
Myna had just gotten hair extensions and I could tell by this portrait how proud she was of her new hair.

These pictures are so precious to me and they will NEVER be in a box. A few friends of mine who are artsy helped me display them in the front room of my house. I see them each time I walk into my house and they still make me smile!

They remind me of those sweet preschool years, how much my Myna has grown and healed and of Miss Jen, who we miss very much!

Miss Jen and Myna on Preschool Graduation Day!

This is a great little project if you are a preschool teacher or for parents to do with their kids for gifts for grandparents!

They are by far, the most beautiful and cherished pieces of art in our home!

Any suggestions on how to artistically display noodle necklaces and self-portraits made of Lima beans?