Bird's Nest Ten Frames and Robin's Eggs Counters

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A math class full of fun manipulatives and hands-on activities is a wonderful way to help young students to learn to love math.

At, we are always looking for ways to get kids to enjoy math and we think these Robin's Egg Counters and Bird's Nest Ten Frames will do the trick!

To create these adorable robin's eggs, you simply spray paint a bag of dried beans blue and allow them to dry. You will want to let the beans dry over night. To keep the "eggs" paint from chipping, once the paint is dry you can spray with a glaze and allow to dry.

Then you can use the "bird egg" counters with this adorable bird template.

You can use the ten frames to compose and decompose numbers. Be sure to laminate your ten frames to allow them to be used for years to come. 

Students will love working in small groups with these Spring inspired manipulatives! If you don't have time to create the Bird's Egg Beans, jelly beans would work just as well!

You can print the free Nest Ten Frame's PDF here