A Caribbean Counting Book

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Oh, how I LOVE this book!!!!!!!!

As the mommy of an adorable little Haitian, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to bring Myna's culture into our daily lives.

We have decorated our home with beautiful art, musical instruments and photographs of her precious Haiti.

Haiti is rich in culture and storytelling. Rhymes and silly little songs are a big part of that culture. 

Like children on our playgrounds sing funny little jump rope songs, children in Haiti sing songs about their daily life. They sing about families, animals, celebrations, heartaches, joys and pain.

I was SO excited to find this adorable little book full of art and counting rhymes from the Caribbean!

The author of this book, Faustin Charles traveled all over the Caribbean collecting these rhymes and songs.

Schools in Caribbean countries use rhyming songs and repetition to teach children how to learn their numbers, letters, and counting skills.

Charles collected songs from children on school playgrounds as well as songs from the elderly that have been around for decades.

Each page has the bright colors and pictures that reflect the Caribbean culture in countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, and the Bahamas.

This is a great little book that will not only introduce your child to a beautiful culture, but also give them fun counting practice!

And, if I could be so bold, I would love to encourage you to learn about Haiti with your children!

It is a beautiful country, with a very rich history that often gets lost. Haiti is so much more than poverty and earthquakes.

Haiti was the ONLY country that had a slave revolution with the slaves fighting their way to independence in 1804.

Haiti was the first black republic.

The largest fort/castle in the Western Hemisphere is in Haiti. It was built early in the 19th century by over 20,000 workers and took 15 years to construct.

Haitian Proverbs are a fun thing to study with children. There are thousands of them and it is interesting to read them and ask your child to decipher their meanings:

1. "Many hands make the load lighter."

2. "A little dog is really brave in front of his master's house."

3. "Speaking French doesn't mean you are smart."

4. "Remember the rain that made your corn grow."

Haiti is an amazing little country with a very interesting history! 

If you would like to learn more about Haiti and see pictures of this beautiful country, you can check out this website. http://www.haititravels.org/glance-at-haiti/