Class Activity 2x4=8

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Our method uses imaginative, sometimes goofy, pictures and stories to help a student remember the answers to the multiplication facts.

Each Multiplication Equation has a story and pictures to help your students memorize their times tables. 

Here is the story and picture to memorize for 2x4=8. 

Students can memorize this story to help them remember that Shoe (2) x Door (4) = Plate (8). 

Here is an activity to use in your classroom to practice memorizing 2 x 4 = 8!

Read the students the story of 2x4=8. Give each student a paper plate. Print out a picture of the large shoe (2) house and ask the students to cut out the shoe house.

Then ask students to cut the top and side of the door (4) so that they can open and close the door. Next ask the students to glue the house to the paper plate, allowing the door to still be open and closed.

Using a black marker, ask the students to draw a large 2 on the shoe. Where the door opens and the white paper plate is visible, ask the students to draw circles to represent the plates. They can write the number 8 in the middle of each plate. 

You can hang all the plates around the classroom to help the students remember the visual of the shoe, the door and the plate.  And after this fun activity, students will remember that Shoe (2) x Door (4)= Plate (8)!

You can print off the Shoe House PDF here



 Check out this cute little video to help the students remember 2x4=8.