Coin Count Activity and Worksheet

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Coin Counting is always a great activity for math centers! Younger students can focus on pennies, while more advanced students can count quarters, nickels, dimes and add the coins together!

This fun activity and worksheet asks students to count the coins, add them and practice their values. 

The activity calls for the worksheet, which you can print for free here, and 10 containers filled with different amounts of coins. I used salad dressing containers from the grocery store, but you can use jars, envelopes, etc. Number the jars by writing the numbers 1-10 on each jar with a sharpie.  

Fill each container with a different number of coins. Line them up in order from 1-10.

Ask the students to use the 10 containers to complete the worksheet. 

If students finish early, ask them to use 2 of the containers to create a story problem on the back of the worksheet for you to solve. 

How do use coin counting in your math centers? We would love to hear some of your great ideas!