Creative Mathematics

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I recently visited a Kindergarten classroom where the teacher was working with the students on Number Recognition by using a cd that played a song that encouraged the children to sing the numbers and point to the numbers on the number line.

The kids were having so much fun dancing around, and it was so great to see them having so much fun doing math!

I asked the teacher where she got the cd and the number lines and she told me all about a wonderful resource for teachers called Creative Mathematics.

Creative Mathematics is an excellent resource that has been helping teachers for over 23 years!

Creative Mathematics provides teachers with excellent curriculum that includes books, music, and manipulatives for all grade levels.

Another great resource available is workshops around the country for teachers looking for new fun ways to meet their Common Core Math Standards.

Thousands of teachers attend Creative Mathematics Workshops around the country every year. 

You can check out Creative Mathematics here to see their excellent curriculums and be sure to see if their is a workshop in your neck of the woods this year!