Farm Animal Math Story Mat

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Math Story Mats are a great way to help students explore math concepts and skills.

Story Mats, along with math manipulatives can help students practice a number of math concepts, such as:

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Measuring
  • Ordering
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Estimation 

With a story mat activity, the teacher can put students in groups, or work with a student individually. Students are each given a number of colored counters, along with their own story mat.

The teacher then reads a story to the students and the students would be asked to move their manipulatives along with the story.

Here is a Free Printable Farm Animal Math Story Mat and 2 Math Stories. You can print off the Story Mat and laminate for future use. 

Students will need 6 brown counters and 6 black counters. 


For this Story Mat, below is one of two stories included in this PDF:

Farmer Bill headed to town to buy more hay for his farm animals. When Farmer Bill left in his big blue truck, there were 6 brown horses between the apple tree and the barn.

There were also 6 black cows in front of the fence next to the apple tree. While Farmer Bill was gone, a loud airplane flew over the farm, scaring all the animals. Four horses ran to hide in the barn.

Seeing the cows run to hide in the barn, 2 cows decided to also run and hide in the barn.  How many cows did Farmer Bill see outside of the barn when he arrived back home? 

This story will help students practice addition and subtraction, along with order, position and counting. It is always helpful to read the story one time to the students time to listen. Then, read the story a second time and ask students to position the markers. Finally, read the story a third time, giving the students a chance to check their work. 

You can download the Farm Animal Storymat stories PDF here.  And the black and white Story Mat Picture here

Story Mats can be a fun and interactive way to practice math concepts! 

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