Fraction Fun by David A. Adler

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Fraction Fun by David A. Adler and illustrated by Nancy Tobin is a great way to introduce your child to fractions!

Adler does a great job explaining that a fraction is a part of something and that we use them all the time! Using themes children are familiar with, like ages and pieces of pizza, fractions become something that children can understand. 

Numerators and Denominators are explained with bright fun pictures and language suitable for children grades 2-4.

After explaining the basic concepts of fractions, there is an activity called Pizza Math to help practice using fractions.

Adler then discusses the concept of fractions with money. He gives a detailed description of how each coin is a fraction of a dollar. 

The book also discusses how sometimes it is hard to figure out if fractions are bigger, smaller or equal to one another when their denominators are different! It goes on to teach the reader how to compare fractions having different denominators by engaging them with a fun activity.

There are many great activities in this book that make it a wonderful addition to the classroom when teaching fractions.

It is a very hands-on book with activities students will really enjoy. 

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce fractions or reinforce what your children are learning in math, check out Fraction Fun!

It will get your kids thinking about how fractions really are everywhere.

Now, every time we cut up a pizza at home, my kids think of this book and remember the concepts!

Who says fractions can't be fun?!