Frisbee 500!

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We are always looking for fun games to play with the kids that gets us moving as a family.

Lately, we have really been into playing Frisbee!

Frisbee is an activity that all age groups can play and even people like me with NO athletic ability can enjoy.

It is also an activity where you can incorporate math.

Frisbee 500

This is a simple game where one person holds the Frisbee.

The other players stand in a group at least 5 feet in front of the person with the Frisbee.

The person with the Frisbee tosses the Frisbee and calls out a number between 25 and 500.

The Frisbee is worth that amount that throw.

(You will want to choose ahead of time if you are doing increments of 10, 20's, 25, etc.) 

Whoever catches the Frisbee gets the points for that toss.

If no one catches the Frisbee that throw, it is considered "dead" and no points are given.

The game continues until one player reaches 500 points. The winner becomes the thrower and the game starts over.

We like to challenge our kids in their math skills and keep them moving by saying that picking up a "dead" Frisbee and returning it to the thrower is worth 10% of the points of that Frisbee. 

It keeps the kids moving by wanting to run for the Frisbee and keeps them thinking about percentages and addition.

Last weekend we played this game on the lake, and it was SO much fun! The person with the Frisbee stood on the beach and the rest of the family was in the lake. 

Even the dog joined in this time! But since Scrappy can't do math, he was no real competition. :P

Grab a Frisbee, collect your kids and go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!