Garage Sale Math!

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This weekend we had a garage sale to raise funds for Justine, a family friend who is heading on a mission trip to Liberia for a few weeks this summer.

We  basically harassed our friends to clean out their homes and dump stuff at our house!  Then, we asked them to come to the garage sale and buy other friend's dumped stuff.

I am happy to report that it was a success and Justine raised $300 for her trip!

We wanted to sell donuts and coffee at the event, so I put my son and his best friend in charge of the task.  They were also in charge of marketing their goods. 

We purchased 2 dozen donuts and a cannister of coffee.

I explained to Jacob that we had spent $5 on each dozen donuts and $6 on the cannister of coffee.
It was then up to him to figure out what prices to mark the items to be sure that we made a profit for Justine.

The boys got to work calculating what to charge for the donuts and coffee and then made signs displaying the prices.

They charged $1.00 per donut and $1.00 per coffee or a combo price of $1.50 for both a donut and coffee.

At the end of the day, they were able to give Justine a profit of $24. Not bad for a little donut stand!

Now, what we have yet to calculate, is how many donuts they ate and how many dollars they took out of my husbands quarter jar to pay for them.....

Oh well, it all went to a great cause!