Gardening, the Math Way

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The kids love to be outside in the sunshine while I work in the yard.  Recently, getting ready to plant our garden, my son and I decided it was a great activity to turn into a math lesson.

First, I asked my son to measure the area of our garden. He measured the height and then the width of our garden, multiplied and was able to tell me the square footage of our garden.

Next, we figured out how many types of plants we wanted to plant, measured equal parts for each type of plant, and dug the holes. I asked my son to separate the seeds so that each hole had an equal number of seeds. Then we moved on to the flowers. We got my kindergartner involved by asking her to help count out the seeds. Her  job was to drop three seeds in each pot. 

There are many ways you can turn gardening and planting into a hands-on math lesson using the varying math skills your kids possess. And once the strawberries and cherry tomatoes start coming in, they will be perfect tools to use with my kindergartner for addition and subtraction lessons.  When we are done counting, we have a yummy treat!