High's Low's and Dinner Conversations

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     Growing up, my mom was always big on family dinners. It was important to her that we sat together every night and talked about our days. Every night we had a sit down dinner at the dining room table, on REAL dishes. Sunday Night Dinners always included candles and her fine china. Somehow, in the midst of raising 4 kids, my mom would make a home cooked meal every night. And she always had on makeup!

These are not skills that were passed down to her middle daughter. I wear makeup maybe three times a week, strive to have sit down family meals 5 times a week and have to admit I use paper plates more than I don’t. BUT, one thing she did pass down is the importance of talking and sharing about our days. I noticed a few years ago, that when I would ask my kids at dinner how their day was, they would always say, “Fine”. When I asked what they learned that day, they always responded, “I don’t know”.  Dinner was becoming more about eating and less about conversation. So, we decided to take the advice of a dear friend and start asking our kids at dinner what their “High” of the day was and what their “Low” of the day was. That always started some great conversations. It makes my kids think about their days and highlight their biggest moments.

My kids always remind me at the end of the day that we still need to share our highs and lows on the nights we don’t get to eat a sit down dinner. My son likes to add questions like, “What was the coolest thing you learned today?” or “What are you most excited about tomorrow?” I love that it has become something my kids look forward to at dinner time. And my hope, is that as I remember my mom’s sit down dinner tradition, my kids will remember our “High-Low” tradition, rather than the paper plates.