How to Help Your Children Learn to Love Reading

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     Reading is such an amazing activity.  Books can transport you to another place and another time. They can help you understand history, think about the future and open your eyes to things you may never see in real life. Some kids are just born readers. They love to read and love to browse for new books. But for many kids, it takes awhile to get them to see the beauty of books. As a parent, there are many ways that you can encourage your kids to love to read!
     Encouraging your kids to read can start from the very beginning. Read to your babies the second they come out of your belly! Or better yet, read to them while they are still in your belly!

     Babies love board books, touch-and-feel books, and books that entertain their senses. Get in the habit of reading before bedtime every night. There are even plastic books that can be read to your baby while they are in the bathtub. Be expressive and excited while reading to your babies to help them see books and reading as a fun and enjoying experience.

     As your children begin to enter preschool and kindergarten, make reading a special time with them. My kids at this age loved to snuggle up in their jammies with blankets on my lap and read. We have a special couch in my bedroom where my youngest loves to snuggle up with me to read. Sometimes we keep her favorite books under my couch so that we can squeeze in a story or two whenever we want. Local Libraries have wonderful activities for young children that encourage them to love reading. Take advantage of preschool story times. It helps your child see the library as a fun place to be!

     Another way to get kids to enjoy reading is to make sure they see you reading. Talk to your kids about your latest book and why you enjoy it. Even better, make it a group effort! Last year, we all got into a popular series. We took turns reading all three books and when the movie came out, it was a treat to all go together.

     Reading alone is a great activity, but when you can build reading into a family activity, that’s even better! So, grab your kids of all ages, head to your local library, book store or thrift store and get reading!