I Can Add Up Book Review

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I Can Add Up by Ray Gibson is an adorable little book that is FULL of fun little math activities for your kids, ages 3 and up.

With 15 different stories with activities for each, it would be a perfect addition to a preschool classroom!

Each page has counting activities that involve addition and subtraction or number stories.  

There are counting questions on each page that engage the child.

This book is very interactive. Some pages even ask you to add yarn or cut outs to the pictures.

It would be a great way to work on their cutting skills, as well.

Here is an example:

Catepillar's Shoes:

Count the Butterflies on this page.
Add on the ones on the other page.
How many all together?

4 Flowers have leaves.
Cut a leaf for the other flower.
How many now?

This a great interactive book that makes math ALOT of fun!