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Years ago, I bought my son a ziplock bag of Magnetix at a garage sale for a dollar. He thought they were colorful and cool, and they were a dollar, so what the heck?!

I had no idea how much fun my kids would have over the years with this bag of toys! Boys and magnets are a recipe for some cool stuff! And I love that it is a toy that makes them use their imagination. 

This morning, I pulled them out for my 6 year old to keep her busy while I got some things done. (By get some things done I mean, drink my cup of coffee and dive into Stephen King's newest best seller 11/22/63. Holy cow! It is over 850 pages long, so I may need to invest in more Magnetix!)

Myna had SO much fun playing with them. She was so excited to show me all she made. She started with one dimensional shapes, then moved on to letters and numbers. Then her big sister joined in the fun and showed her how to make three dimensional shapes! 

I always love a good toy that lets my kids have fun, learn, use their imaginations and allow momma to get a little touch of "me time"!