Math For All Seasons: Mind-Stretching Math Riddles

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Math For All Seasons by Greg Tang is a fun little book full of math riddles that revolve around the 4 seasons.
This book is geared for children ages 5-8 years old.

This book is the second book in Tang's Math Riddles series. 
Tang's first book, The Grapes of Math, appeals to children ages 7-10.

With fun illustrations by Harry Briggs, each page of Math For All Seasons has it's own riddle, asking the reader to use problem solving math skills to find the answer. 

Each riddle could be answered a number of different ways. 

When reading this book with my kindergartner, she used her fingers a lot and counted the old-fashioned way.

When reading with my fifth grade son, he used many of Tang's creative suggestions for calculating the answer.

Both of my children came up with the same answers, but used problem solving skills at their own levels.

Tang writes in his introduction that his hope is to teach children four important lessons in problem solving:

1. To be open minded and consider many approaches in math.
2. To encourage children to think strategically, by grouping numbers to make adding easier.
3. To use time-saving methods, like using subtraction to add.
4. To simplify problems by looking for patterns

While teaching these important lessons, the illustrations are bright and cheery making this book appealing to look at and read.

Here is an example of one of the fun riddles:

Not-So-Dandy Lions

These lions are a stubborn breed-
There's never just a single weed.

The trouble starts when they get loose,
They catch a breeze and reproduce!

How many plants are still in bloom?
A perfect lawn they're sure to doom.

Count by fives the plants you see,
Then subtract the seedy three!

This is a fun little book that teaches creativity and problem solving in math.

It is a great tool for the classroom and a lot of fun to read at home, too.

My kids and I had a great time with it, and we can't wait to read The Grapes of Math!

Book Review coming SOON!!!!!!!!!