Math Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable Worksheet

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What is more fun than a Scavenger Hunt?

Running around with your siblings or friends trying to complete your list before another group completes theirs? Fun, Fun,  and more Fun!

At, we are always looking for ways to help kids include math into their daily lives, while still having fun!

So, here is a great idea for you and your kids! A Math Scavenger Hunt!

Summertime is a great time for Scavenger Hunts. You can have your kids show you the items or for more fun, give them a smart phone or camera that they can take pictures of the items they find!

If weather does not permit or you are confined to a classroom environment, you can have your students look for items in magazines or books. 

Here are some items on our Math Scavenger Hunt free printable PDF:

An Item About 1 Foot Long

Two Parallel Lines

A Right Triangle

A group of 6 objects

A Cube shaped item

A price tag with monetary amount printed on it

A number in word form

An Array

A 6 Sided Figure

Come along with us as we show you what we found on our math scavenger hunt!

Here we are, fueling up before the big hunt!






We encouraged the kids to find something to make an array with.  They chose to make them with bark!


For the entire Math Scavenger Hunt, print off the FREE PDF Worksheet here.