A Memory Tree

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It isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it. - Eileen Elias Freeman

My dad LOVES homemade gifts. He tells us at every birthday, Christmas and Father's Day how much he loves home made presents.  I am not sure if it is because he thinks the ties and dress shirts we buy for him are way ugly, or if he just really enjoys things made by his adult daughters that turn out looking like a Kindergarten Art Project. :)

One of my dad's favorite homemade gifts is the Memory Tree we made for him. I wanted to find a way to display favorite memories of my dad and this was a great project! I asked my siblings and all of my dad's grandkids to write their favorite memories of my dad on precut cards. After they were all filled out, I glued them to a large art canvas in the shape of a tree. 

It was sweet to see some of the grandkids' favorite memories.....

My dad loved remembering some of the silly things he used to do with us as kids.....

This is a fun project to do with your kids for a parent or grandparent. It leads to some fun conversations and a lot of laughter! 

Of course, I am sure that your Memory Tree will be much more creative than mine. I have the art skills of a Kindergartner. 

Oh great, I just offended Kindergartners everywhere!!!!!!