Mother's Day

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Mother's Day.

Without question, it is my favorite day of the year!

When I was a kid, I remember my sisters and I asking my mom every year on Mother's Day, "That's not fair!  When is kid's day?"
And my parents would answer in unison, "EVERY day is kid's day!"

Now, as a mom, I get it!

Mommas spend 364 days a year, spoiling our kids, serving our kids, running them everywhere, cooking their meals, packing their lunches, cleaning their clothes, helping with their homework, reading them stories, tucking them in and just plain loving them up.
And I love every last second of it!

But, I will take my one day a year!

Mother's Day is that one day a year, where you get pampered and spoiled!
That one night a year you don't have to do dishes, and you don't even have to get the stomach flu to get out of doing them!I

I look forward to Mother's Day all year long.

My husband and kids go all out for me that day, and I have to tell you, this momma takes FULL advantage!
It isn't just that I get spoiled and pampered.
It is that I get to celebrate being a mom, loving my kids........okay, enough with the garbage.....I love getting spoiled and pampered!

Here is my perfect day:

We start out the day going out to brunch with my parents, my sister and her family.
We eat alot, laugh alot, and we give our mom presents.
The kids usually give grandma letters telling her all the reasons they love her.

Then we force our families to let us take a bunch of family photos because after all, it is our day and heck, we are all dressed up with makeup on!
When else does that actually happen?!

Some of us try REALLY hard to get out of taking pictures!

After brunch, my little family heads back to our house where I quickly put on my comfy clothes and grab a great book!

I head out to the back yard while my family disappears for about 20 minutes, returning with a Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks. DELISH!

Then my amazing husband and three sweet kids "surprise" me with beautiful flowers they have chosen for me from our favorite nursery.

My kids show me the ones they picked for me and why they thought I would love them.

Then they spend the afternoon planting all the flowers in pots on the patio and in our yard while I am reading and sipping on my Iced Coffee.

I read and relax, while my husband and kids work and laugh together, because my husband has threatened them with more chores should they fight on Mother's Day.

Way to go, dad!

My kids get along, and entertain me with their silly antics.

Then my sweet husband barbeques us an awesome dinner, that usually only involves meat and bread, because if mom isn't involved in the meal planning, veggie's typically don't happen.

And we can always eat our veggies tomorrow.

We eat outside in my newly beautiful backyard that my family has spent all day creating for me, and I feel like a spoiled princess.

Because, today, I am.

Tomorrow, I can do the laundry.

Tomorrow, I can do the dishes.

Tomorrow, I can start dreaming about next year.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there.

Enjoy your day, because you are worth it!