Multiplication Story 2x3=6 and Activity

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Our method uses imaginative, sometimes goofy, pictures and stories to help a student remember the answers to the multiplication facts.

Each Multiplication Equation has a story and pictures to help your students memorize their times tables. 

Here is the story and picture to memorize for 2x3=6

Students can memorize this story to help them remember that Shoe (2) x Tree (3) = Sticks (6). 

Here is an activity to use in your classroom to practice memorizing 2x3=6!

Students will play Tic Tac Toe in pairs using markers that look like Shoes (2) and Trees (3) on a board made of Sticks (6). 


 Check out this cute little video to help the students remember 2x3=6.


You can download your free PDF of this activity here