Multiplication Story and Activity for 2x7=14

Posted by: uses pictures and silly stories to help kids remember their times tables. 

Here is an example of how we teach 2x7=14.

Here is the cute little video teaching 2x7=14:

A fun activity to help students remember Shoe (2) x Surfin' (7) = Four Kings (14) is to create a simple diorama of the story.

A diorama can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. In this activity, we used clear plastic cups and pictures.

You can print the directions to this activity here



Clear plastic cups

Construction Paper



Paper clips

Tape picture print outs or have students draw their own.


Cut out the pictures of the shoe, the wave (cut off the surfer) and the kings. Using tape, attach the shoe to the wave like a surf board. Then attach the 4 kings to the surf board. Cut a piece of construction paper in a circle large enough to cover the opening of the cup. Open two paper clips to a 90 degree angle. Tape paper clips tops to the surf board and the bottom to the round construction paper. Use tape to fasten the round cut out to the bottom of the cup.

Flip over to see the diorama. 
While creating the diorama, have students repeat Shoe (2) x Surfin’ (7) = Four Kings (14) out loud several times. Display dioramas in the classroom to help students remember 2x7=14.