Multiplication Story and Activity for 5x6=30

Posted by: uses silly stories and pictures to help students learn their times tables.

Learning Multiplication can be overwhelming for some students, but our system makes it fun! Check out 5x6=30.

Here is the cute little video that teaches 5x6=30.

After showing your students this silly little video, you can do this activity to help the students remember. 

Here is what you will need:

Clay or playdough


Brown Paint 

Paint Brushes

Construction paper


First put the students in groups of 2-3 students. Ask the students to create a hive and 2 chicks out of clay or playdough. Have students create a pond out of playdough to place the hive and the chicks on. Have students repeat to each other "The hive and the chicks became very dirty" while creating the playdough scene to help remember 5x6=30. 

Optional: Ask the students to paint a mud pond on the construction paper.  Then you will ask the students to place the hive and chicks in the middle of the mud pond. Using the paint brushes and remaining brown paint, students will then flick the hive and chicks with paint while repeating "The hive and the chicks became very dirty." If time remains, and you have the supplies, ask students to create or draw bumble bees, a pig and other farm scenery. 

You can then display the cute hive and chick creations around the room to help the students remember!