Multiplication Story and Activity for 6x8=48

Posted by: is the fast and fun way to learn the times tables! Using our silly stories and pictures, students will LOVE multiplication! 

This activity will help your students learn 6x8=48 in a flash!

Have students read through this story flash card a few times that shows our funny story that will help them remember 4x8=48. 


As you can see, in this silly story the 6 is represented as a chick, the 8 is Skate and 48 is Fort E Cake.

You can download these free Flashcards here

You can also watch a fun video of this story here

After you review the story with your students a few times, you will give them this fun worksheet.

Ask the students to decorate the cake to reflect the chicks (6) skating (8) into the Fort E Cake (48). As they are coloring their cake, be sure to 

have the students repeat several times chicks (6) times skate(8) equals Fort E Cake (48).

Before you know it, your students will be quick to remember that 6x8=48!

If you want to be everyone's favorite teacher, you could end this fun activity with a classroom cake decorated as a fort with popcicle sticks on the sides of the cake and Easter peeps placed on the top of the cake.

How fun and sweet would that lesson be?

You can download the PDF worksheet for this activity here

Be sure and check out all of our silly multiplication stories! We are the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn the times tables!