Multiplication Story and Activity for 9x9=81

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At, we use pictures and silly stories to teach multiplication. 

Here is how we teach 9x9=81.

This is the silly story we use to teach 9 x 9=81. 

These great flash cards can be printed for free to use in your classroom here

You can also show your students the story through this fun video.

Read the students the story that goes along with 9x9=81. Show them the flash card and then let them watch the funny video.

After students have watched our silly story, you can do this activity with them to help them remember 9x9=81.

You will need:

Spoons or Forks




Yellow Construction Paper

Green Construction Paper

Black Permanent Marker

Paper Plates


Using a ruler to measure, ask your students to cut 2 squares about 2 inches tall out the of yellow construction paper. Using the marker, they can write the word SIGN and the number 9 on the square. To create the sign, tape each square to a spoon or fork by placing tape on the back of the yellow square and securing it to the spoon.

Next, you will have your students make the plate of salad. Using the black marker, ask your students to write the word TON and the number 81 on the paper plate. Then to create the salad students can rip 10 pieces of the green  construction paper and then crinkle them into balls. Have them place the lettuce on the plate.

Using their "Signs" they will pretend to eat the salad with the signs while repeating "Sign (9) times sign (9) equals a ton (81)!"

If your school allows treats in the classroom, you can replace the fake salad with 10 green jelly beans or 10 Sour Apple Rings. They are sure to love that sweet activity!

Although this activity seems silly, your students will have fun and will always remember that 9x9=81!