at the Beach!

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Learning can truly take place anywhere!

This weekend, we were on a beach by the lake and the kids and I were writing in the sand with sticks.

We were practicing letter sounds with my 6 year old daughter.

The kids loved how quickly the letters and words would get washed away with the waves. One of my kids commented, "Mom, it's like a chalk board!"  

So, we took at little time to practice our math facts, the way!

If you are familiar with the method, you would understand why my kids were saying, "Chicks times shoe equals elf!"

If you haven't checked out the method of teaching your children their math facts, you can see what I am talking about here:

We worked on our math facts and the kids had a great time taking turns being the teacher! 

Of course, that quickly turned into a splash fight that ended with my kids chasing each other. But, sunburns aside, we had a great afternoon and I felt like we did a little learning in the middle of a lot of fun!