Our Student Management System Experience

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This summer, between swimming and playing with friends, my youngest daughter Myna and I have been working in small chunks everyday to help her maintain all the math she worked so hard to learn last year at school. 

Her teacher gave her a math workbook that we are working through this Summer, but her favorite way to practice math is playing on Multiplication.com. I asked Myna what her favorite way to practice math is and this is what she had to say, "I like playing on Multiplication.com better than my workbook because it is much more fun. I get to play fun games and it is fun, not work. My favorite game is Flying High. I like to decorate my airplane and make it fun colors." 

To help me watch her math progress, I signed Myna up for the Free Student Management Program. The Student Management System allows me to track what addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts she has mastered and what facts she is working on. Myna even got to make herself a fun avatar of herself and gave her a silly name that she loves!

Each time Myna logs on, she takes a quick quiz to see what facts we should be focusing on that day, and then any game she chooses to play will focus on those math problems! 

The Student Management System is so quick and easy to help track your students progress, but best of all, it is FREE! I love that we are working on math this summer, but Myna is still having fun! 

Check out our Student Management System, today!