Penguin Counters and Iceberg Ten Frames

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I few months ago, I found this blog featuring Penguin Counters. I couldn't get over the cuteness of the beans turned into Penguins and had make some myself!

Since the blog wasn't in English, I tried to figure out how to create them on my own. These make the cutest math manipulatives!

Although a bit tedious and slow work, I think they turned out pretty cute. All I used to create them was large uncooked white beans, black and orange sharpie markers and then a spray on glaze to keep them from chipping.

I started out making a heart shape in black on the bean. 

I then made two black dots to create the eyes. And two small triangles to create the flippers.

Using an orange sharpie, I made a triangle for the beak. 

Then, using the black sharpie, I colored the rest of the bean black. 

After they were dry, I sprayed both sides with a glaze to keep them from chipping and allowed them to dry on wax paper overnight. 

I love how each little Penguin turned out a little different. 

I decided that pairing these adorable little counters with Iceberg Ten Frames would be a great activity for Math Centers.

What an adorable way for students to practice constructing and deconstructing groups of ten!!!!!!!

You can download your Free Iceberg Ten Frame PDF here

How else would you use these Penguin Counters in your Math Centers? I would love to hear your ideas!!!!!!!