The Perfect Goodbye to Elementary School

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Six Years. Six Teachers.
Dozens of classmates, hundreds of projects, thousands of laughs and millions of memories.

Six Years. Six Teachers.

Dozens of classmates, hundreds of projects, thousands of laughs and millions of memories.

Those are the numbers of my son's years at his Elementary School that he has called "home" since Kindergarten.
Where he grew, he thrived, he learned and he was loved.

Jacob is moving on to Middle School and I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to those years.......
and the people who made them so special!

Graduation was a bittersweet day to reflect on the years Jacob spent there, to celebrate his accomplishments and to look toward the future and what it has to hold for him.

Oh, and graduation included a 60's themed song and dance show. 

Yeah, his school was just that awesome.

I mean, we should all get to dance out of one chapter of our life and into the next singing, "Were gonna rock this town, rock it inside out!!!" 

It was so wonderful to celebrate our son and his classmates that celebrate the amazing things they accomplished during their 6 years at that school.

Most of us mommies were crying, wondering where the years had gone, wondering where those little kindergartners went that we "just" dropped off yesterday.....

But, as much as I was focusing on my son, it was hard not to reflect on the 6 amazing teachers who got him to this point. 

How could we ever forget the woman who taught my sweet boy to read? Mrs. Orozco spent hours upon hours teaching Jacob his letters, his sounds, and most importantly, that reading was fun!

What about the teacher who loved my Jacob like her own, so much so that years after he left her class he would look for reasons to head down her hallway just to give Mrs. Moran a great big hug.

We will never forget Mrs. Garrett coming to cheer him on at basketball games and giving Jacob the nickname "J.Z." that has definitely stuck! 

These women poured their hearts, energy and love into my son for six years. 

How do you just walk away from that?

Shouldn't there at least be some sort of slow song mixed tape made............ or something?!

Jacob was expressing the last few weeks how much he was going to miss each one of them. And several of these special women had mentioned how much they were going to miss him.

I wanted to give my boy an opportunity to really say goodbye and I wanted each one of his teachers to know what a special place they would hold in our hearts.

So, on the second to last day of school, I asked each of Jacob's teachers to meet us after school by the office to take a picture with Jacob. And I asked them not to mention it to him.

After I grabbed Jacob, we headed to the office. He saw them all coming in and laughed, "Hey mom, weird, almost all my favorite teachers are in here." :)

When they all arrived, he understood. And he LOVED it.

He got a very special moment to hug each teacher, thank them, and say goodbye. 

We took some pictures, and I was able to give each teacher flowers with a thank you card from my husband and I telling them the impact they had had on our son's life and how much we appreciated them.

It was a moment that I know we will treasure forever......a moment for my boy surrounded by the 6 special women who worked so hard to get him ready to head off to middle school, feeling confident, prepared and LOVED.