A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure

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A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure by Angeline Sparagna LoPresti is a story about Zero, who lives in the land of Digiteria.

Digiteria is a kingdom ruled by King Multiplus and Queen Addeleine. All the numbers are created by Count Infinity and live in harmony together playing games like Addemup.

Zero feels all alone in the kingdom, being the only one of his kind.

He cannot play Addemup because he has nothing to add.  

Zero struggles to find his value in a land where all the other numbers are so very useful.

Zero sets off on a quest to find his value and, in the end, finds out that he is indeed a very important number after all!

The pictures are cute and colorful and it would appeal to students of many different age ranges! It engaged both my 5th grader and my kindergartner. While my 5th grader understood all the concepts, my kindergartner was interested in the pictures and the story.

A Place for Zero introduces math concepts such as place values, properties of Zero, multiplication, division and infinity.

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