Plastic Easter Egg Math Ideas

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Spring time makes us think of flowers, sunshine, trees blooming and Easter eggs!!!!!!

Kids LOVE plastic eggs. There are so many fun ways to use plastic eggs in your math lessons. 

Plastic eggs can be used for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions.......the list is endless!

For very young students, eggs can be filled with manipulatives. The number of manipulatives can be written on the egg. Have the student count the items in the egg and then show them that the number is written on the egg. This would help with counting and number recognition. You could fill eggs with Pom Poms, beads, anything colorful and fun that will keep them interested. You can try candy, but boy, is it hard for those little yummy candies to not end up in their mouths! :)

You can also use plastic eggs for estimation. Fill the eggs with random amounts of pennies, have the students shake the eggs and then guess how many pennies are in each egg. Have them write the number of pennies they estimate are in each egg and then allow them to open each egg and record the actual number of pennies. 

When working on counting money, you can also fill plastic eggs full of random amounts of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Have the students open an egg, count the money inside and record it. 

Tally Tales has a great idea on how to practice addition with plastic eggs, but it would be easy to modify for subtraction, multiplication or division. You can find this fun idea here

A Teacher With A Class has a fun idea for Scrambled Egg Multiplication. You can find this fun activity here

Plastic Eggs are cheap to purchase, fun to play with and easy to store!

I would love to hear how you use them in your math centers!