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At 38 years old, I still love to play with playdough. Sometimes, I even let my kids join me! I am kidding...maybe.
I love the way it smells, the way it feels, the bright colors, the anticipation of the amazing things I am going to create! But, always, as it has been since I was a little girl, I end up making a little blue bird, sitting on a little brown nest, sitting on three tiny little eggs. And someone always walks by and ask, “What’s that?”
But, I really do enjoy playing playdough with my kids. It is an activity that gets all my kids involved, which can be a hard thing to do when your kids range between kindergartners and teenagers. I don’t care who you are, if someone pops open a fresh can of playdough, you are going to come running! 
Playdough can teach children so much. It teaches them creativity, exploration, imagination, and small motor skills. I love to grab cookie cutters, butter knives, rolling pins, and other kitchen utensils and just let my kids get creative! 
For younger kids, playdough can be a great educational tool. It can teach colors and shapes.  Playdough can be a great way to introduce math concepts. Talking to your kids about the size and shape of their playdough or measuring different lengths of playdough is always fun. You can shape numbers for identification, or make lots of numbers to make math problems!
There are so many exciting things you can do with playdough. There is not a holiday that my kids don't have playdough in their Easter Baskets or as a Stocking Stuffers. With playdough, you can create anything you want, any color you want! And most importantly, you can create little blue birds, on little brown nests, sitting on three tiny little eggs.