Polygon Math Foldable

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Foldables can be a fantastic way to practice math. Students can use foldables to practice math facts, math definitions and our favorite--the times tables!

In this math activity, we used a math foldable to practice polygons! 

All students need for this activity is a blank white sheet of paper, colored pencils or markers, a ruler and scissors.

Ask students to fold a white piece of paper in half, length wise. Students then use a ruler to draw 8 lines horizontally on the front sheet to create 9 equal sections. Use the scissors to cut along the lines. 

Once the lines have been cut, students will want to fill in each space with a polygon name.

We used the following Polygons:

1. Triangle

2. Quadrilateral

3. Pentagon

4. Hexagon

5. Heptagon

6. Octagon

7. Nonagon

8. Decagon

9. Dodecagon 

Ask students to write the 9 Polygon shapes on the outside of the foldable. On the inside left column, ask them to draw examples of that shape. 

On the inside right column, ask them to write the number of sides on the Polygon.

When all the correct information has been recorded, students can then decorate the foldable to make it colorful and fun!

This Polygon Foldable is just one of many types of Math Foldables you can have your students create. 

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Do you use math foldables in your classroom? Tell us all about them!