Practicing Math with Dice

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Large foam dice are great manipulatives, no matter what the age of your students.

There are SO many different uses for dice.

Younger students can use dice for counting games, composing and decomposing numbers, number recognition, addition and subtraction.

Older classes can use foam dice to play multiplication and division games.

The great part about foam dice is that they are quiet, which allows you to use them for math centers without disturbing the other students.

If you already have regular dice and can't invest in foam dice, you can line the sides and bottom of a large box with felt to muffle the sound.

Here is a website with four great math games to use with your students. 

If you are looking to purchase large foam dice, here are some great options.

Do you use dice in your classroom? I would love to hear what great math games you are playing with your students!