A Pumpkin Pie Chart with Free PDF Worksheet

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What could be more fun than teaching children about making a pie chart than using a Pumpkin Pie Chart?!?!

That is exactly what Mrs. Ball's Kindergarten Class did!

Mrs. Ball first asked the students who liked Pumpkin Pie and who did not. 

Then she passed out turkey circles and helped the students write Yes or No on their circle.

Here is a free PDF of Pumpkins for your students to write yes or no on. 

Seventeen students like pumpkin pie and five did not.

Mrs. Ball then made a Pie chart with her students. :P 

This was a fun way to introduce the students to a pie chart!

You can do this activity any time of year, by using different types of pies. You can also separate the chart into different types of pies, like apple, cherry, pecan, etc.

You could allow the students to draw the type of pie they like on their circle. 

What is your favorite way to teach graphing and pie charts to students?