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October is such a fun month! 

There are so many different fun activities and crafts to do with your students about Fall, Harvest, Leaves, Trees, Apples, Halloween and Pumpkins!

I absolutely LOVE the pumpkin craft a first grade teacher did with her students at my daughter's school.

The letter of the week was J, so they made Jack-O-Lanterns!

Mrs. Carter arranged the finished artwork on her bulletin board in the hallway and it makes the whole hallway look so fun and festive!!!!!!

Each child finger painted a large piece of paper orange. Having them finger paint the paper rather than just using orange construction paper adds a bright and unique look to each pumpkin.

Once it was dry, they cut out their pumpkin.

Then they were given white and black paper to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Then, with glue sticks, they put their pumpkins together!

It is so cute to walk down Mrs. Carter's hallway and see how each pumpkin is so original.

No pumpkin looks like another!

What is your favorite pumpkin craft? Send us your pictures! We would love to share them!