Puzzle Fun

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We have a large age gap between our children. My oldest daughter is 9 years older than our youngest daughter. I am always looking for things for them to do together for fun. My 6 year old doesn’t enjoy heading to the mall for 8 hours or speed texting and my 15 year old doesn’t enjoy playing babies, so sometimes I have to get creative. Or, my teenager is just really good at pretending she enjoys doing these activities that her crazy mom finds for them. :P

Puzzles are a great activity for kids of ALL ages! I mean, who doesn’t love a box of colorful pieces just waiting to be put together into a beautiful picture?!

(Well, okay. I didn’t when my kids were younger and they would mix up the pieces and instead of a beautiful picture I ended up with a huge pile of thousands of pieces of puzzle all over the floor!)

But puzzles are not just fun! They are a great learning activity! Puzzles teach kids so many things! Here are just a few!

  • Puzzles are a great way to practice Eye-Hand Coordination and Fine Motor Skills. All those tiny little pieces have to fit together just right! And that takes some work!!!!
  • Putting puzzles together takes Problem Solving Skills! I have always encouraged my kids to put the outside of the puzzle together first and then work their way in. But sometimes they come up with their own solutions and that is great!
  • Puzzles are a great way to practice a variety of Cognitive Skills. It allows kids to work with shapes, sizes, colors, sorting and so much more. Preschools and Kindergarten’s have been including Puzzles in their curriculum for years! You can find so many great puzzles that help work on children’s recognition of letters and numbers.

Puzzles are also encouraged for Senior Citizens to keep their minds sharp and alert!

All these great educational things aside, puzzles are inexpensive and FUN!