Right On! Math Dice Game

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Right On! is a game that teachers can play with students that will help them practice counting, number relationships, and number composing.

This game is best played at a math center with a smaller group of 4-5 students.

Each student will need to have one Blank Ten Frame, colored counters or manipulatives and one dice.

Students roll their dice and put the correct number of counters on the ten frame as the number they roll on the dice.

After each roll, ask the student individually how many more counters they would need until they reach 10.

Example, if they had 7 counters on their ten frame, they would say, "I have seven, and I need 3 more."

Once the student rolls the dice and they add up to a 10, they would yell Right On! If they go over ten they would yell, Too Many!

The first student to get Right On! Wins. 

Have you played Right On! with your students? What other fun games do you play during Math Centers? I would love to hear about them!