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We all have art projects of our kids that are our favorites. Something about them just melts your heart, and you know you will keep it FOREVER!

That is how I feel about this Santa Art Project that my son Jacob made in 5th grade.

It was a pretty simple project. 

The art teacher placed a large stamp with Santa's face on it on the board. She asked the students to free hand copy the photo with a pencil on a thick piece of white paper.

They then went over the pencil marks with a skinny black marker.

The students were then asked to use brightly colored pastels to complete the picture.

They turned out so bright and colorful. 

I was walking down the hallway of his school and saw the Santa's on the bulletin board. They looked so great! I stopped to look at them, and I immediately knew which of the 27 Santa's was my son's.

And, I am not going to lie, I teared up when I saw his........his was the only brown Santa up there.

My son, you see, is always concerned that his little sister, Myna who was adopted from Haiti, feels like she belongs in our family.

Jacob has a tender heart for his little sister, and he spends a lot of time helping her feel safe, loved and accepted.

In return, she looks up to her big brother in ways that makes me melt.

Every night, when I ask her what her favorite part of the day was she says the same thing,,,,,"When I saw my big brother!"

When I asked Jacob about his Santa, he just smiled and said, "Well, mom. My Santa had to reflect our I made him brown."

This pastel Santa will forever be hanging at my house during the Christmas Season!

What kid's art project makes you melt? I would love to see pictures!