Shape Graph Fun!

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This fun activity will have your students graphing colorful polygons! 

Students will be asked to graph 7 different polygons. After they have graphed each one, they will name the correct polygon and write in the correct number of sides. 

After each polygon is named, it's time to decorate!  We chose to make each polygon just one color, but you can have students get as creative as they want. Use many colors! Or have them decorate it any way that they choose! 

For students who finish quickly:  ask them to make a list of things in everyday life that are shaped like each polygon. 

Example:  For a triangle, students can list: pizza, Egyptian Pyramids, etc.

Have fun with this fun activity and let us know if you find any other fun companion activities! We love hearing your great ideas! 

You can download the instructions to Shape Graph Fun, here.  To access the graph paper worksheet, download here