Side Walk Chalk Letter Recognition

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 With Kindergarten entrance requirements increasing each year, having fun with letters with your preschooler is a great way to ensure they are ready for Kindergarten. Simple sidewalk chalk games are a great way to help them learn their letters while having a lot of fun! This game also requires a lot of movement, which is great for preschoolers.
On the driveway draw 10 large squares. In the squares, draw 10 letters of the alphabet in random order. It is better to do a limited amount of letters to help them not get overwhelmed and focus on just a few letters at a time. To start the game, have the child stand off the driveway while you call out a letter. The child will then run to the letter that you have called out and stand on the square. If your child is just starting to learn their letters, make it a team effort.    Stand together and lead them to the square of the letter that you called out.
The more times you play, the sooner they will be able to recognize the letters without your help. Switch the letters up each time you play. Once they are able to recognize all of their letters, you can continue to play this game with Letter Sounds. Learning your letters has never been so fun! And between the running around and the sunshine, they will be ready for a nice little nap!