Skittles Graph

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I asked my son the other day what his favorite math lesson has been during his time in elementary school. He didn’t even have to take a second before he said, “Oh, that’s easy! It was the Skittles lesson!”

1.  His teacher passed out a snack-sized bag of skittles to each student.

2.  She then had each child draw a graph that allowed room for each of the five flavors of skittles. A snack sized package of skittles has 12-15 skittles in it.

3.  The students were asked to open their bag of skittles and graph them.

4.  They compared and discussed their graph with a neighbor. 

5.  Finally, in front of the classroom, the teacher had created a graph on the white board. The class then graphed all of the data from every student graph together on one large graph.

6.  Of course, when they were finished, they got to enjoy their Skittles!

You could use any kind of colorful candy like M&M's, jelly beans, Gobstoppers, etc. for this math lesson. I would like to think it was the graphing and the math that was my son’s favorite part, but it was the eating of the Skittles that he loved the most. Who can blame him? Skittles are yummy!