A Story of Two Lines

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A Story of Two Lines by is a fantastic book written by M.W. Penn.

It appealed to me on the library shelf because of the bright colors and contemporary illustrations.

Penn is a mathematician who has written 12 children's stories that help children explore math concepts.

This is a sweet little story about two lines who are both very different. 

One line is straight, and the other is crooked.

The story explores how each type of line can be part of many different things, but how both types of lines are important.


The story discusses how a straight line is always the shortest distance between two points.

This is a great tool to introduce beginning geometry concepts.

The back of the book has a glossary of terms and excellent activities to do with students.

This book meets the math standards for grades K-2.

With contemporary pictures and poetic writing, The Story of Two Lines is a great way to introduce children to shapes, geometry and distances.

Check out M.W. Penn's fantastic website for more children's books about math and lesson plans.