Summer Reading

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It's summer! School is out and it is time for swimming, hiking, picnics, boating, and reading!!!!!!!!

Oh, I just got a groan out of my kids with the reading part! 

I love to read, I love to read to my kids, I love to read next to my kids. I love to read in a house. I love to read with a mouse! :P

I just plain LOVE to read!

BUT, I didn't love to read until I was an adult.

When I was a kid, I thought reading was boring and nerdy. 
I was not about to be caught with a book.

I mean--the horror!

Who was I kidding? I was already boring and nerdy, so I should have at least been reading!

I try to instill a love of reading in my children.
This summer, my kids will all be reading an hour a day. 

My HOPE, is that we will all be reading somewhere together, snuggled up in the back yard, in the shade, having quiet time and it will make for a peaceful afternoon.

Uh, huh. I think we already have talked about my expectations and how that works out for me.

Did you know that kids who do not have access to good books over the summer can lose as much as TWO MONTHS of the progress they made during the school year?

And statistically, children who read recreationally actually do better in school.

When summer started, I immediately headed to the library to get my kids signed up for the Summer Reading Program.

Our library has a great summer reading program that gives out prizes, coupons and free books to kids who read.
The library giving my kids incentives helps them get a little more motivated to read.

We now have a big stack of books to read from the library, and we have already had two days of reading time!

My oldest daughter is so caught up in her novel that she is almost finished!
And, my kindergartner sat next to me today while she whispered sounding out the words to Little Critter books

I love to see them with books in their hands!

My goal is to keep them reading all summer long! They don't have to LOVE it like I do, but they do have to read. 
Just like their vegetables, it's good for them!

What books are your kids reading this summer? I would love some fresh ideas!