A Summer Research Project

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My son loves to do research. He loves to pick a subject, study it online and then tell us all about it. So, a few years ago, we began to do this in the summer with our kids. Each child  picks a place in our state that they want to visit.

First they study about the place, research it,and find pictures of fun things to do there. Then, they present it to the family. The rules for choosing a place are simple. It has to be in our state, within a 3 hour drive of our home and it has to have some sort of historical or geographical significance.They then write a one page paper, explaining why they chose the location, interesting things about the place and why it has historical or geographic significance.

Then, we would take a Saturday, pack up a picnic lunch and head out on an adventure. Once we got to the destination, it was that child’s job to guide us around and look for things they had studied about online. As a result, we have visited some really fun places that we may not have known about!

We visited a huge dam and learned the history of how it was built and spent the rest of the day fishing. We hiked through a ghost town and learned about what it was like in it’s prime as a Gold Rush town. We have seen sights of volcano eruptions, sand dunes and Oregon Trail sites.

I love giving my kids something to research that excites them and allows them to use their creativity. But best of all, every summer I am excited to see where they are going to take us!

Last year, when we were going on a family vacation in another state, we had the kids choose something from that state they wanted to see. It was a great way to get them involved in the vacation planning and they were also able to learn about another state. The picture above was of the Aquarium my son chose to research.

Start this tradition with your kids, you won’t regret it! 

Here is a great worksheet to help your kids do their research!