A Summer Vacation and a Lesson in Math!

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I know, as parents, we all worry about the educational slide our children take each summer while they are off school.  Math skills especially tend to lag in the summer because our kids are not practicing and using them as much, now that school is out.  I wanted my older kids to get a little brain exercise this summer and I figured that having them help plan a little getaway was a great way to do it!

I started off by asking my kids to find our destination, Salt Lake City, Utah, on the map. 

I told them the amount of money that we have budgeted for our trip.  This amount would need to cover the gas to get there and back, hotel costs, food costs and extra money for fun! (AKA: mom is going to want to hit IKEA while we are in town!!!!!!)

They then had to figure out how far it was between Boise and Salt Lake City, in miles.

I asked them to figure out how much gas would cost to get there based on our vehicle getting 15 miles to the gallon. (Yeah, I know. Gas Guzzler!)

I asked them to multiply it by 2 since we would need gas to get home, as well!

I had the kids help me look online to find hotels in our price range.  We decided the hotel had to have a pool so we could all swim, and needed to be close to restaurants--within walking distance, preferably.

Then we looked at fun things to do in that area that were within our budget. Who knew there was so much to do in Salt Lake?!
(AKA: They have A LOT of shopping for my teenage daughter and I!!!!!!!!)

I loved seeing my kids think about the amount of money that is spent on gas, and the costs of hotel arrangements. They were both willing to sacrifice by ordering simpler meals during the day to hold back more cash to visit a children's museum and get a hotel with a better pool. 

I loved showing the kids how to budget and plan, while exercising their math skills when they need it most!!!!!

How are you keeping your kids from falling behind this summer? I would love some fresh ideas!