Teacher Appreciation Day

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What would our kids do without their teachers?

I don't know about you guys, but my kids have had the most AMAZING teachers over the years. Teachers who have poured their time, hearts and love into my kids. I am so grateful for the education they give my children, but also for the sweet relationships they are building.

All day long, teachers are not only teaching, they are being nurses for the skinned knees, counselors sorting out arguments, custodians cleaning up messes and zoo keepers just keeping those monkeys under control! They look the other way when our kids are late, all the time, receiving no tardy because you have a Starbucks for them. Or wait, is that just me?

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. And we like to spoil our teachers rotten! After all their hardwork, they deserve a little pampering!

We like to bring them cookies, flowers, and have the kids write their teachers letters. My older kids can handle the letter on their own, but for my kindergartener, I wrote on the top, "My favorite thing about Mrs. Savoie is....". She finished the sentence "She is nice." with a picture of her and Mrs. Savoie.

The PTA at our school organizes a breakfast on Monday and a Luncheon on Wednesday where the moms of the school cook and serve the teachers. Depending on the budget, the PTA will often get gifts for the teachers for their classrooms, as well.

As a room mom, there are several things I like to do for my kid's teachers.

We start out by decorating the door of our teacher's classroom. Over the years, we have done some really cute things. This year, my Myna's Kindergarten art mom came up with this idea and it was SO much fun!

We had the kids make the owls out of toilet paper rolls so that the door had a special touch from the kids. The door says, "WHOOOOOOO is our favorite teacher?" The little owls respond, "Mrs. Savoie!"

There are so many ideas for decorating a teacher's door. I try to pick a theme that represents the teachers personality and hobbies or interests. Myna's teacher this year is really fun and silly. Her classroom is decorated with owls. So this door was perfect for her!

Mrs. Savoie adds the perfect amount of love and silliness to help my Myna feel safe and love school!

You can look on Pinterest or online for hundreds of different ideas on classroom doors, if you are like me and have no creative bones in your body.

Here are some examples of other doors decorated this year.....

I also like to include the class in a group project, as well. This year we are collecting funds to buy Mrs. Savoie a flowering fruit tree for her yard. This year is her first year teaching kindergarten and we wanted to give her something special to remember her first class.  With the left over money we will get her a gift card to Starbucks, because well, it's Starbucks. Is there a greater gift?

My son's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Garrett is moving to Texas this summer.

She is a very popular teacher at our kids school, so we wanted to do something really special for her. One of our room moms is putting together a book for her. Each child will have a page in the book with a letter to Mrs. Garrett telling her their favorite memories of her, along with a picture for her to remember them by.

We hope it is a book she treasures, as we have treasured her all these years!

This one week a year is a great way to celebrate our teachers and thank them for all they do for our kids. How do you celebrate your teachers? We would love some fresh ideas for next year!