Tyrannosaurus Math

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Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel and Illustrated by Doug Cushman

This is a story that will appeal to the dinosaur-lovers in your house!

T-Math is a dinosaur who started doing math the second he cracked out of his shell!

He starts off counting, moves on to addition, multiplication, grouping, estimating, and more!

Fifteen different math concepts are shown in this cute little story about a dinosaur family and their daily life.

T-Math is always looking for ways to bring math into his day and it provides an opportunity for Markel to show kids how math can help us solve problems, in and out of the classroom!

The back of the book has a detailed description of the math skills used in this story.

The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful and the dinosaur family is a likable bunch who like to give "group" hugs!

Get it???? hehe

This book would be a great read for children up to 3rd grade.

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