Writing Activity for 4x9=36

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At Multiplication.com, we use silly stories and pictures  to teach the times tables.

This activity will help your students remember the story for 4x9=36.


1.  First, have your students watch the fun video that teaches 4x9. You can watch the video here

2.  Then review the Flash Cards below of the story 4 (Door) x 9 (Sign) = 36 (Dirty Sticks). You can print the flash cards here. 

3.  After watching the video and reviewing the flash cards, give your students the FREE PDF writing activity (see below) to help them remember 4 (Door) x 9 (Sign) =36 (Dirty Sticks).  Students get to use their creativity to tell the reader what happens to the dirty sticks.  

4.  Make sure students reread the original story of the Door (4) and the Sign (9).  Inform students that this is only the beginning of the story! What will become of the dirty sticks (36)? What else was behind the signs (9) secret door (4)?  What do the little mountain friends make with the dirty sticks (36)?  Students will write the rest of the story, while using this activity to seal into their memory that 4 (Door) x 9 (Sign) =36 (Dirty Sticks). 

5.  Invite students to read their stories in front of their peers.  Watch how quickly students remember the times table 4 X 9!  

You can download this Free PDF worksheet here

Students will love finishing the story and teachers will love how this activity combines both math and writing!