Yellow and Red Make Orange Pumpkins!

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I love this sweet little pumpkin project my daughter's class made. They have personal touches to them that make you want to keep them forever!

First, you have the children learn about making colors by giving them yellow and red paint. Ask the students to mix the yellow and red paint together until it becomes the color orange they want their pumpkins to be. Once they have the perfect orange, have them paint a white piece of paper orange. Leave the paper to dry and return to the project in the afternoon or the next day.

Next, ask your students to use a black crayon to draw the shape of their pumpkin, and draw black lines to give it texture. Then have the students cut their pumpkin out.

Next, you are going to have the students help each other trace their hands on a green piece of paper, and cut the traced hand out. Then, you are going to give them a green pipe cleaner and teach them to wrap it around a pencil to make it curl.

Last, you are going to help the students staple their traced hand and curled pipe cleaner to the top of the pumpkin! These little projects turn out so cute and I know my daughter's is going to be a decoration that comes out every fall!