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A great family trivia game with a twist!

We LOVE this game! Zero is a great game to play with your pre-teens and teenagers!

The goal of the game is to get the least amount of points. The players answer questions that have been polled by the game makers to find the most popular to the least popular answers. Each answer has been assigned a point value. The more popular the answer, the more points you receive. The least popular your answer, the less points you receive. Basically, it is Family Feud, but reversed! 

There are several different topics covered in this game, so everyone gets a chance to shine! There are questions about Presidents, Geography, Sports, Movies, Television, etc.

Here are 2 examples:

A State That Borders Missouri:
Kansas 50 Pts
Arkansas 50 Pts
Illinois 50 Pts
Iowa 50 Pts
Kentucky 30 Pts
Nebraska 30 Pts
Oklahoma 30 Pts
Tennessee 30 Pts

The Name of a Brady Bunch Sibling:
Marcia 90 Pts
Greg 80 Pts
Bobby 70 Pts
Cindy 70 Pts
Jan 70 Pts
Peter 50 Pts

We have so much fun as a family playing this game! And it is a great way to practice your math skills, and learn some new trivia! Our kids typically beat us because it has been a little while since we studied the Presidents, Geography and Government!

But, I will tell you, 70's TV shows? Yeah, I can rock those! 

Check out this game to play with your older kids! You will be glad you did!